Capturing Love, Inspiring Happiness!

Capturing stories is an art that essentially involves the heart.
Each couple is unique, with their own identity, their own true way of loving and expressing themselves.


In every glance captured and every moment saved, a story goes into eternity, showing the unique art of telling, reliving and remembering.


In every frame and every movement, a story is preserved.
Reflecting the unique power to retell, relive, and remember.

Mr. Fernando & Mr. Marco

What sets us apart is the ability to provide an elegant visual experience, where creativity merges with expertise.


Ana & Erik

The Gentleman's were without a doubt a very, very wise choice, arguably the vendor that most positively surprised us! Considering our wedding took place abroad over two days, it was likely that some detail would be overlooked, but that wasn't the case. With guests coming from all corners of the world, The Gentleman's were able to interact with everyone in a very relaxed and natural manner, without losing the beauty and importance of the moments.

Daniela & João

From the moment we hired them, they were tireless, always ready to help. On the wedding day, they brought us calm, and all the nervousness we felt faded away with their words and presence. They immortalized moments, smiles, and tears, images that will forever remain in the memory of our day. They were and are the best.

Diana & Hugo

The Gentleman's Photo & Film team is very professional and responsible, meticulous in details and nuances, making everyone involved feel relaxed and at ease. They capture unforgettable moments, and the final result is fantastic.

Diana & Helder

We were already familiar with some of The Gentleman's work and never doubted that they had to be the ones to capture our wedding. I highlight the team's creative spirit, sensitivity, good taste, cheerful disposition, and ability to understand.




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